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external link: Chris Calladine
Biological micro-scale mechanicse-mail: crc
tel: 332725

external link: John Clarkson
Medical equipment design, inclusive designe-mail: pjc10
tel: 332742

external link: David Cole
Driver and vehicle dynamicse-mail: djc13
tel: 765201

external link: Gábor Csányi
Molecular dynamicse-mail: gc121
tel: 766966

external link: Vikram Deshpande
 e-mail: vsd
tel: 332664

external link: Bill Fitzgerald
Biological signal processinge-mail: wjf
tel: 332719

external link: Norman Fleck
Micromechanics of biological materialse-mail: naf1
tel: 748240

external link: Andrew Gee
Medical imaginge-mail: ahg
tel: 332750

external link: Jorge Goncalves
Systems biology modellinge-mail: jmg77
tel: 332770

external link: Simon Guest
Biological structurese-mail: sdg
tel: 332708

external link: Alexandre Kabla
Mechanics and imaging of soft tissuese-mail: ajk61
tel: 766208

external link: Joan Lasenby
Modelling and tracking human motione-mail: jl
tel: 332639

external link: Máté Lengyel
Computational neurosciencee-mail: m.lengyel
tel: 748532

external link: Gopal Madabhushi
Joint replacement technologye-mail: mspg1
tel: 766382

external link: Athina Markaki
Magneto-mechanical actuation in medical devicese-mail: am253
tel: 766417

external link: Richard McMahon
Pain relief during laser skin treatmente-mail: ram1
tel: 332655

external link: Piero Migliorato
Biomolecular sensinge-mail: pm128
tel: 748302

external link: Michelle Oyen
Mechanical behaviour of protein-based materialse-mail: mlo29
tel: 332680

external link: Richard Prager
Three-dimensional ultrasound imaginge-mail: rwp
tel: 332771

external link: Ashwin Seshia
Biosensorse-mail: aas41
tel: 332755

external link: Michael Sutcliffe
Soft tissue mechanicse-mail: mpfs
tel: 332966

external link: Graham Treece
Three dimensional ultrasound imaginge-mail: gmt11
tel: 332754

external link: Glenn Vinnicombe
Bioinformaticse-mail: gv
tel: 339063

external link: Daniel Wolpert
Computational neurosciencee-mail: wolpert
tel: 748530
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