Bioengineering Courses

There is a growing need for a more integrated approach to the understanding of biological systems, providing many opportunities for the application of engineering to clinical and life sciences. Bioengineering is a rapidly growing field encompassing the use of engineering tools to solve problems in medicine and biology as well as new quantitative approaches to biological systems based on engineering principles. These topics complement those from the core Engineering Area

Part IB

coursetitletermmodule leader
P8BioengineeringEasterDr. Graham Treece

Part IIA

coursetitletermmodule leaderassessmentnotes
3G1Introduction to Molecular BioengineeringMichaelmasDr. Gos Micklem, Dr. Jim Ajiokaexam 
3G2external link: Mathematical PhysiologyLentDr. Alexandre Kablaexam 
3G3Introduction to Neuroscience LentDr. Henning Sprekelerexam 
3G4external link: Medical Imaging and 3D Computer GraphicsMichaelmasDr. Andrew Geeexam 
3G5BiomaterialsLentDr. Shery Huangexam 

EAAexternal link: Bioengineering: bread makingMichaelmasDr. Alexandre Kabla
Projectexternal link: Design of a microfluidic deviceEasterThierry Savin and Alexandre Kabla
ProjectAtomic force microscopeEasterDr. Shery Huang

Part IIB

coursetitletermmodule leaderassessmentnotes
4G1Systems Biology LentDr. G. Vinnicombecoursework 
4G2BiosensorsLentDr. A. A. Seshiacoursework 
4G3Computational NeuroscienceLentDr. Máté Lengyelcoursework3G2 or 3G3 recommended
4G4BiomimeticsMichaelmasDr. Michelle Oyencoursework 
4G5Molecular ModellingMichaelmasDr. Gábor CsányicourseworkMatlab programming skills essential
4G6Cellular and Molecular BiomechanicsMichaelmasDr. V. Deshpandeexam3C7 useful
4I8Medical PhysicsLentDr. Graham Treeceexamimported module from Physics Part III, 3G4 recommended