Bioengineering is a major initiative in the Department providing a forum for research and training at the interface of engineering, biology and medicine. Three key focuses are:

  • Bioengineering: Understanding living things through application of engineering sciences including engineering principles of molecular biology, bioinformatics, mechanics of biological tissues, systems physiology, and neuroscience.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Developing devices, algorithms and processes that advance biology and medicine including biomaterials, biomedical imaging, application of microelectromechanical systems for biological sensing (BioMEMS) and biomimetics.
  • Clinical Engineering: Embedding a systems engineering culture in the UK Health Service and its suppliers.

This field is rapidly expanding with the number of jobs in biological engineering predicted to grow strongly over the next decade. The Department's initiative addresses this need both with world-leading research and excellent undergraduate teaching.


Graduate (PhD) studentships in the application of engineering in medicine