Phd Applicants

PhD Applicants

The group is always open to enthusiastic graduates. Some guidelines about successful applicants:

  • You must have some scientific programming experience in C/C++, Fortran (95 or 2003) or Python. If you took several courses in computing as an undergraduate and have used it in some summer research or internship since, that is often good enough.
  • Your undergraduate degree must have included courses about the molecular or atomic scale of matter. These are usually courses on chemistry, solid state physics or statistical mechanics. This requirement is particularly important for those with an Engineering background.
  • Being a successful graduate student takes more than being in the lab from 9 to 5 every weekday. You must have a high level of dedication stemming from inherent curiosity and interest that drives you to solve problems.

How to apply

There are two routes:

  • You can apply to the Engineering Department directly for a 3-year doctoral programme. The funding stream here is restricted to those with UK citizenship or, alternatively, EU citizenship and at least 3 years of residency in the UK.