Matchmaking For Supervisors And Directors Of Studies

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Directors of Studies looking for supervisors (Lent 2016)

Please remember to remove or strike through (using --strike--) your entry when you are full and no longer looking.

  • Anita Faul (Selwyn) IB Optimization (at most 4 students)
  • Anita Faul (Selwyn) IA Probability (6 students)
  • Anita Faul (Selwyn) IB Statistics (at most 4 students)
  • Paul Smith (pjs59) IA Dynamics & Relativity (2 pairs)
  • Paul Smith (pjs59) IB Statistics (~1 student)
  • Ross Lawther (ril10) II Number Fields (for Queens' group of colleges)
  • Ross Lawther (ril10) II Coding and Cryptography (for Queens' group of colleges)
  • Oscar Randal-Williams (or257) II Number Fields
  • Julia Gog (jrg20) II Stochastic Financial Models (about 10 pairs)
  • James Norris (jrn10) II Optimization and Control (6 pairs)
  • Stergios Antonakoudis (sa443) IB Geometry (4 pairs)
  • Peter O'Donnell (po242) IA Probability (7 students)
  • Julia Goedecke (jg352) II Applied Probability (for Queens' group of colleges, around 12 pairs so far)
  • Sophia Demoulini (sd290) IB Geometry (3 students, 2+1 or as 3)
  • Sophia Demoulini (sd290) II Riemann Surfaces (about 4 pairs)
  • Alexandre Bouayad (ab2177) II Algebraic Geometry (about 5 pairs)
  • Andrew Hillier (ah826) II Optimization and Control (about 3 pairs)
  • Anthony Ashton (acla2) IB Numerical Analysis (~3 students)
  • Andrew Hillier (ah826) II Statistical Modelling (4 pairs)

Supervisors offering teaching (Lent 2016)

Please remember to remove or strike through (using --strike--) your name when you are full and no longer offering supervisions.

  • Anastasia Kisil (ak528): up to 3 more pairs for IB Complex Analysis.
  • Arran Fernandez (af454): could take on some more pairs for IB Complex Analysis, IB Complex Methods, or Part II Further Complex Methods
  • Vlad Iancu (fvi20): could supervise pairs for Part II General Relativity, Part II Statistical Physics, Part IB Electromagnetism, Part IA Dynamics and Relativity
  • Hanming Zhou (hz318): could supervise up to 3 pairs for IA Vector Calculus or IA Analysis I.
  • Alison Ming (adk33): 6 pairs for 1B Electromagnetism.
  • Katarzyna Kowal (kkk25): Part IA Vector Calculus, Part II Asymptotic Methods, Part II Further Complex Methods, Part II Mathematical Biology, Part IB Complex Methods/ Complex Analysis
  • Ryan Patmore ( I am looking to supervise both the Geometry and Fluid Dynamics modules and I am aiming for between 6-9 students (though I am flexible on the numbers).
  • Niall O'Keeffe (no265): Part II Mathematical Biology (around 3 pairs).
  • Chandrima Ganguly(cg528):Looking to supervise Part II Statistical Physics, for about 5-6 pairs
  • John Grenfell-Shaw (jcg60): Ia Vector Calculus, Ib Fluid Dynamics preferred, or Ib Complex Methods/II Asymptotic Methods up to 8 pairs.

Part II College groups looking for supervisors

Many colleges work together in organising Part II supervisions. You can mail these people below to find out who is finding supervisors for a particular course:

  • Julia Gog (jrg20) for Caius, Corpus, Downing, St. Edmunds, Girton, Homerton, Jesus, Magdalene, Newnham, Pembroke, Queens’ & Selwyn
  • Berry Groisman (bg268) for Churchill, Christ's, Emmanuel, Fitzwilliam, St John's, Murray Edwards, Lucy Cavendish, Hughes Hall & Sidney Sussex
  • Irena Borzym (immb100@damtp) for Clare, Kings, Robinson, St Catharine's, St John's & Trinity Hall

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