Essential Maths For Medics And Vets

Essential Maths for Medics and Vets

This page links to a collection of resources for maths skills in the life sciences. The materials are divided up into 4 modules. Click on the blue text to go to that module.

MODULE 1 Scientific Notation, Powers and Prefixes

MODULE 2 Amount and Concentration: Making and Diluting Solutions

MODULE 3 Understanding Equations: Using, Rearranging and Manipulating Equations

MODULE 4 Logarithms and Exponential Equations.

Each module contains a variety of learning materials:

Audiovisual tutorials: You will need a soundcard and possibly headphones if using this in a shared facility; please be patient - it may take a little while to download. You may find that the material loads more quickly if you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, rather than Internet Explorer.

Practice Questions: If you need to increase the font size to make the text more readable, you can do so using your browser toolbar. In Internet Explorer this is through "View" then "Text Size"

Textbook Pages: These are downloadable pdf files that contain written explanations.

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Diagnostic Maths Tests

  • There are diagnostic maths tests available for each module to help you assess your fluency in the mathematical skills required for your course.
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