enterprise network

This wiki provides links to organisations in the University that can help you:

  • Bring your ideas and inventions to market
  • Learn from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs and investors
  • Find out about and enter business plan competitions
  • See what is going on in the high tech business community in and around Cambridge

This wiki is produced by the members of Cambridge University's Enterprise Network. The Enterprise Network links enterprise and innovation activities across the University. The network organises meetings of groups involved in supporting enterprise and innovation, provides a external link: dedicated Camtools site for sharing information between groups, runs a external link: Google calendar for entrepreneurship events and manages this wiki.

OrganisationWhat they doMore information
BiB_100p.gifBiology in Business (BiB) is over 1,700 member strong Cambridge based non-profit organization that bridges academic and commercial life science to promote career development and technology transfer through events, online resources and networking opportunitiesexternal link: Website
logo-cambridgeenterprise.jpgCambridge Enterprise is responsible for the commercialisation of technology arising from the University's departments. Services provided to academics include the identification, protection and licensing of IP; support, advice and mentoring in the creation of new companies; provision of seed funds and links to organisations providing further funding; and costing, contract negotiation, invoicing, insurance and VAT support for staff who provide consultancy services to external organisations; and links to industry through showcasing and networking events.external link: Website
sh_detail_alt.gifThe Careers Service offers impartial information and advice on finding and applying to small businesses throughout the UK and provides resources for those wanting to set up a ‘conventional’ business, for example: restaurants, fitness centres, photographic studios etc. For all students: all years, all courses, all interests.external link: Website
cfel_logo_100p.jpgThe Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) delivers a range of educational activities on the practise of Entrepreneurship, to inspire and build skills and 'spread the spirit of enterprise' within the University of Cambridge and beyond. Key programmes include external link: Enterprise Tuesday and the external link: Ignite Programme.external link: Website
CUE_logo_100p.gifCambridge University Entrepreneurs was founded in 1999 by three people. Nine years on, it is the most successful student-run business creation competition in the world – the companies that were created through the competition are now valued collectively at over £42m. Like many organisations, our goal is to promote and nurture entrepreneurship in Cambridge and beyond. However we do this in quite a unique way. Our competition, the Entrepreneurs’ Challenge, and the training, information and networking events in support of it, take you from idea to business in under a year.external link: Website
logo_cutec_100p.gifCUTEC organises a series of events and activities that are designed to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit amongst academics and students at the university. These activities provide a forum in which speakers share their experiences in the world of technology investment and entrepreneurship with both the university and business community. Students not only have an opportunity to learn first-hand from industry experts but can also network and build contacts in the investment communitiesexternal link: Website
downingenterprise.gifThe purpose of the competition is to encourage a culture of enterprise at Downing by giving you an opportunity to experience a little of what setting up and running a business is all about. The Competition is designed in such a way that it mirrors the stages that you might have to go through if you were setting up a business by yourselfexternal link: Website

Technology Enterprise Group
IfM's Technology Enterprise Group (TEG) is a network of researchers and associates focused on research and education relating to the origins, start-up and growth of technology-based ventures and their impact upon the economy. TEG's external link: website provides access to external link: information on the Cambridge high tech business cluster, and the outputs of TEG's research into topics including external link: how to manage partnerships between start-ups and large firms, external link: open innovation and external link: venture capital.external link: Website
Industry Links Unit
IfM's Industry Links Unit's (ILU) team of experienced industrial professionals works with companies of all sizes, helping to increase their competitiveness and to create sustainable long-term growth. Projects range from small-scale operational improvements to major business realignmentexternal link: Website
i-Teamslogo_100p.gifi-Teams allows entrepreneurial post-graduate students to work with real inventions to determine the best route for their commercialization, and present the results at CUTEC’s annual Tech Ventures Conferenceexternal link: Website
MBA Cambridge Venture Project (CVP)
MBA students work in teams of five with local new ventures to address specific marketing needs. Marketing is a key function for all businesses but is often under-resourced in new ventures - the MBA students are an invaluable additional resource for growing companies. Students work with all kinds of local companies, from brand new start-ups through to leaders in their field.external link: Website
Computer Laboratory
Module run by Jack Lang for Computer Lab undergraduates entitled - How to Start and Run a Computer Company.external link: Website
MBE_logo_100p.gifThe Master’s in Bioscience Enterprise (MBE) programme is a one-year multidisciplinary biotechnology and business degree course, designed for individuals with enthusiasm for enterprise within the life science sector and who intend to pursue a career at the interface of technology and commerce.external link: Website
Transferable Skills Programme
The aim of the programme is to help graduate students and postdoctoral researchers broaden their horizons above and beyond the focus of their research work and to provide them with some key skills - including entrepreneurship - for their future career.external link: Website

Enterprise Champions

A number of departments have nominated an 'Enterprise Champion' to provide informal advice to department members on interacting with business and commercialising research. For more information on Enterprise Champions please visit the Cambridge Enterprise website external link: www.enterprise.cam.ac.uk.

DepartmentEnterprise championContact details
ArchitectureMichael Ramagemhr29@cam.ac.uk
BiochemistryBeatrix Schlarb-Ridleybgs9@bioc.cam.ac.uk
BiotechnologyProf.Chris Lowecrl1@biotech.cam.ac.uk
Centre for Entrepreneurial LearningDr Shai Vyakarnams.vyakarnam@jbs.cam.ac.uk
Chemical EngineeringDavid Carterdjc64@cam.ac.uk
ChemistryProf Stephen Elliotsre1@cam.ac.uk
Clinical PharmacologyDr Anthony Davenportapd10@medschl.cam.ac.uk
CIMRProf David Rubinszteindcr1000@cam.ac.uk
EngineeringPhilip Guildfordpg28@cam.ac.uk
GeneticsDr John Archerjaca1@mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Materials Science and MetallurgyDr Rachel Hobsonrjh24@msm.cam.ac.uk
MathematicsMichael Simmonsm.p.simmons@dpmms.cam.ac.uk
MedicineJoseph Smithjrs68@cam.ac.uk
PathologyProf. Nabeel Affarana106@cam.ac.uk
PharmacologyDr Tai-Ping Fantpf1000@cam.ac.uk
PhysicsProf. Mike Paynemcp1@cam.ac.uk
Veterinary MedicineProf. Duncan Maskelldjm47@cam.ac.uk