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Video Tutorials

In addition to the help documents and FAQs, we've put together some video tutorials (screenshots with voice over) to get you started with Camtools. You will need to have the Flash plugin to see these tutorials.

Instructions: Click the link of each tutorial title to launch it in a new browser window. The tutorial will begin automatically (you may want to adjust your speaker volume or put on headphones) and you can use the following controls during the presentation.

Tutorial Title Purpose: this tutorial will...
Tutorial 1: Logging in and getting started
  • Introduce you to CamTools
  • Show you how to log in (University Members)
  • 2min
Tutorial 2: My Startpage
  • Show you how to navigate around CamTool
  • Show you how to create a list of favourites
  • Show you how to customise your Startpage
  • 1 mins 47 Secs.
Tutorial 3: Some demo worksites
  • Show you how to join existing worksites
  • Show you some demo sites
  • Show you some basic tools
  • 4 mins 09 Secs.
Tutorial 4: Using the Files Tool
  • Introduce you to the Files Tool
  • Show you how to create folders and upload files
  • Show you how to set permissions
  • 1mins 47 secs.
Tutorial 5: Using the Announcements tool
  • Introduce you to the Announcements Tooli
  • Show you how create an announcement
  • Show you how to email announcements
  • Show you how to reset a tool
  • Show you the functionality of various icons on My Startpage
  • 2 min 45 sec
Tutorial 6: Using Search
  • Introduce you to how you can use search in CamTools (details of advances searching techniques can be found in the Administrators' Guide)
  • 0 min 36 sec
Tutorial 7: Personal Tools
  • Introduce you to Personal Tools (Raven Users only)
  • Show you how to manage your account and change settings
  • 1 min 06 sec
Tutorial 8: New Tools for v2.5
  • Show you some of the new and renamed Tools in v2.5 (Sept08)
  • Explain which Tools are only available on request
  • Show you how to use the new Files Tool
  • 3 mins 14 secs.
Tutorial 9: Using WebDav
  • Show you how to use WebDav using the Files Tool
  • Show you how to upload multiple files using Resources
  • 4 mins 54 secs.
Swift Survey Tool Tutorials :
1 - Logging on to Swift
2 - Creating a questionnaire template
3 - Running your surveys
These cover the process of
  • logging on to Swift
  • creating a questionnaire
  • running a survey

We hope you find these useful as a part of your Camtools Learning Experience. If you are having problems viewing a tutorial or would like to suggest improvements, you can mail us at ( More details are available from the Administrators' Guide